What i'm creating


Over the past five years of working in creative studios, I've learned how to tell a story in a creative, relevant and interesting way.

Art director

My goal is to create a unique, bold and inspiring visual language which is inline with the brand's values.


When I design a user experience and interface, I that know god is in the smallest details: in the buttons color, in the type of the font or in it's placement. I always try to create an inviting, simple and intuitive user interface

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We need to talk

Hey there,
Nice to meet you, I'm Daniel Zikri, a Senior Art Director and designing my life for the past 28 years. I've worked at a few Advertising agencies which have thought me to creatively come up with ideas that would be relevent on one side, and innovative on the other.
With time, I've learned to create successful campaigns that capture consumers attention on every media, especially on the digital, and that showed me how much I can still learn. In my career I've designed and directed for various brands such as: Citroen, Opel, Careline, Sano, Etz Hazait, Tic Tac and many more. Every day I Aspire to get better and better at my passion and profession - Design.
So if you are interested in my passionate design and art skills, you should definetly contact me :)

My inspiration

Amy Winehouse




Asaf Doitch

My boyfriend

Petitim stars